The Frazer Nash

"Sure, I know what kind of car that is..."

But almost no one ever really does know.

It's not a Frazer, as in Kaiser-Frazer or Kaiser Darrin. It's not a Nash, as in Nash, Hudson, or Nash-Healey.

It's a Frazer Nash, originally built by Archibald Frazer-Nash and later by the Aldington brothers in Isleworth, London, England.

Famous for the "chain-drive" Frazer Nash built in the hundreds between the wars and later for the 85 post-war cars which had great success in racing and rallying in the '50's, the Frazer Nash certainly deserves a place on the Internet!

The engineering company Archie started in the '30s later became Frazer-Nash Research Limited, but this company has had no connection to the Frazer Nash cars since the late '20's. Frazer Nash Communications Ltd and Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd are other UK companies with similar great names but no relation to the former automobile manufacturer.

The manufacturer of the Frazer Nash, AFN Limited, ceased building these cars in 1957, but became very successful as the importer of Porsche to Great Britain.

Nearly all the post-war cars still exist and have a well-known and interesting history. This site describes the Le Mans Replica, Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, Le Mans Coupe and Sebring models.

For more information on the chain-drive and other pre-WWII Frazer Nash cars, please visit the web site of the Frazer Nash Car Club.  The Club also supports the postwar cars and publishes the excellent "Chain Gang Gazette". 

If you have any information on the postwar cars (any project of AFN after 1946), contact James Trigwell directly.  He is the registrar of the postwar Frazer Nash cars and a trustee of the Frazer Nash Archives.

News - 2024

Our Frazer Nash Mille Miglia was consigned to the Bonham's July 12 auction at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  The Bonham's webpage for the car is here:

1952 Frazer Nash Mille Miglia Sports Roadster

Although there was decent bidding, the final bid did not reach the reserve price.  

A complete history of our ownership is here:

Although we have had many grand New Zealand adventures with this Frazer Nash Mille Miglia since acquiring it in 1975, it is time for a new owner to enjoy it. 

We celebrated Errol Flynn's 125th birthday on June 20 by visiting his grave at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California.   He is buried next to his wife, actress Patricia Wymore.

Mr. Flynn owned a Targa Florio which disappeared during a lawsuit in Italy and remains missing. 

A Carhuna auction of our 1952 Frazer Nash Mille Miglia was held on March 11.  The complete history of this Frazer Nash (421/100/168) can be found on this section of this website.  Jasper Dardashti (Carhuna) sent a message on February 13 - "Your 1952 Frazer Nash Mille Miglia will be consigned to our upcoming 'Racecar' sale (dates TBC)..."

The reserve was not met, so our Mille Miglia is still available!

News - 2023

After a five-year absence, we recognized Errol Flynn's birthday on June 20 by visiting his grave at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California.  Mr. Flynn owned a Targa Florio which disappeared during a lawsuit in Italy and remains missing.

Errol Flynn and his Targa Florio 421/200/169 at the Elstree Film Studios

News - 2022

In December, I found the 1975 classified ads in the Honolulu Advertiser and Star-Bulletin that eventually caused me to buy our 1952 Frazer Nash Mille Miglia.  Images of these September 1975 ad are below. 


On November 4, our Frazer Nash Mille Miglia 421/100/168 was part of the London RM Sotheby's auction:

The photos and description are very accurate.  Here's a video of the auction of the Mille Miglia.   The result was a bit short of the reserve price.

News - 2021

On August 4, our Frazer Nash Mille Miglia 421/100/168 was shipped on the MV Majestic from New Zealand to England for a future private sale.  The Majestic was scheduled to arrive in London on September 8.  Due to port congestion, the Frazer Nash did not arrive in London until September 24.  It is now at a motorsports business.  

November 1, 2021

Very good news to learn that the Le Mans Replica (421/100/160, engine FNS 1/37), 1952 Sebring winner when owned by "Duke" Donaldson has been found!  It was considered "lost" because there was very little status reported since mid '50s until 2020.  The second owner traded it to a Boca Raton sports car repair shop owner for Mille Miglia 421/100/168.   

Unsigned emails were sent to this website in 2014 inquiring about the potential value of this car.  These continued until this year when the current owners sent photos of the car in very "unrestored" condition.  Their messages and photos were sent to a marque expert who had searched for the cars for many years.  He purchased it and shipped it to England for a restoration.

Only three Frazer Nash postwar cars remain unaccounted for!

News - 2020

Just discovered in November!  Road tests of all the postwar models: A Drive-My report.

In July, Mike Wilson (Cartel.Works, Nelson, New Zealand) sent current photos of Frazer Nash Mille Miglia 421/100/168.  It is For Sale! Thanks, Mike!

Lee Marshall sent updates on the Le Mans Replica "replicas" YHV23 (from C+G) and a WOK "spare chassis" in April and the webpage for these cars was updated.

Larry Berman, a Cunningham Motorsport historian, is looking for a scale model of a Frazer Nash Targa Florio to add to the Briggs Cunningham museum.  He wrote that he located a photo and details of the "Echoes No. E04"  – 1:43 scale resin model.  See this model here.   If you know where this model can be purchased, please email Larry directly.(March)

In February, John P. Crowson wrote that he is selling his LMRr: 

"As the owner of Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica Replica WOK reg no FNA 436,  I would just like to inform anyone who may be interested that I now wish to sell the car having been in my ownership for eleven years> There is no pretence it is anything other than a Rep Rep but a good one at that as the subject of a article and test in Classis & Sports Car Magazine in February 2006.  Roddy MacPherson, marque exponent after a spirited drive, concluded it was as good as real thing. I am looking for £95.000. The car has recently undergone a small amount of work and check over by INRacing of Nottingham who are Bristol Engine and Gearbox specialists, I have enjoyed my ownership; however it is time to part company."

Mille Miglia 421/100/168, restored in New Zealand, is also "on offer".   Email here for more info. 

News - 2019

Geoff Dowdle (Australia) sent updates on the Le Mans Replica "replicas" in September and our webpage for these cars was updated.

Riverside Records was major record label with "all that jazz" in the early '50s. Its artists included Thelonious Monk, Randy Weston, Art Blakey, Bill Evans, Sonny Rollins and Cannonball Adderley. Additionally, founder Bill Grauer and many of his staff became sports car enthusiasts, soon venturing to Sebring and other race tracks to record the sounds of race and sports cars.  This resulted in 40 LP albums which captured the sounds of now-historic cars and their drivers, such as Phil Hill, Stirling Moss and Juan Manual Fangio.  The Riverside sales manager, Robert Richer plasced his Le Mans Replica on the cover of a Randy Weston LP - Robert was sent a photo of a signed album by Miles Morris, who received it from Neil.  All new to me!


There is a great article on Riverside Records by John Heitmann in the Society of Automotive Historians Journal, issue 298, May-June 2019.


Although this website focuses on the postwar Frazer Nash cars, there is a prewar chain-drive Frazer Nash which is located not far from this website's author - see Jay Leno's Frazer Nash TT Replica on You Tube - after a long and careful restoration.

Early in 2019 we renewed our memberships in the Frazer Nash Car Club and the Bristol Owners Club in January.  We visited our Mille Miglia in Nelson, New Zealand during the last two weeks of February.  Here is a report with many photos and videos of our visit from February 10 to 24.

News - 2018

Archie Frazer Nash's birthday was celebrated on June 30 and July 20. Archie is reported to have two birthdays, both listed in his recent biography.  Page 18 states July 20, 1889.  Page 213 states June 30, 1889.  Fortunately both agree on Hyderabad, India.  The correct date will be reported when it's known! 

We recognized Errol Flynn's birthday on June 20 by visiting his grave at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California and left a "fighter pilot's" tribute.  Mr. Flynn owned a Targa Florio which disappeared during a lawsuit in Italy.

News - 2017

Long overdue is a report with photos of the November  visit to our Mille Miglia in Nelson NZ.  Pending this report, two videos can be downloaded - from Nelson to the Classic Car museum/Cartel and from the museum/Cartel to points north!

Archie Frazer Nash's birthday was celebrated on June 30 at a nearby car collection, where the restoration of a 1934 Frazer Nash TT Replica has been completed. Watch for photos and a video!

We again recognized Errol Flynn's birthday on June 20 by visiting his grave at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California and left a "fighter pilot's" tribute.  Although Errol was not an actual fighter pilot, his role In "Dawn Patrol" is classic.  

The June 2017 issue of "Classic and Sports Car" has an excellent article by Simon Taylor describing the history of the postwar Frazer Nash, with profiles of seven different models:

"Variations on a Theme - In its last 10 years Frazer Nash finished just 82 cars, in seven different models.  Simon Taylor has gathered a remarkable set, with one of each to compare and contrast."

The same issue has a classified ad for Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica 421/100/112, by Brian Classic & Co.  Their website,, also has Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica 421/200/210 for sale.  

S/N 421/100/112 has an interesting history.  It was sold to Ital Clarco, the Milan-based Italian distributor and shown at the 1950 Turin Motor Show.  Then it was re-bodied for its first owner with a coupe body by Rocco Motto.  It became a Le Mans Replica again in 1979 when it had a new owner in England.

In February, we received a photo of a painting done in Madrid, Spain showing a Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica at the 1953 Goodwood 9 Hour race entered by Melvin and Kenneth.  It is titled "Iron Butterfly" and measures 42 x 30 cm:

The painting is offered for sale; for more information, visit their website PaintWork Guillermo Coll

News - 2016

Late to the party?  I recently discovered a very good YouTube documentary on Frazer Nash, released earlier this year.  Highly recommended!  Search YouTube for "Frazer Nash" on YouTube for other videos.

We again recognized these two birthdays in June related to Frazer Nash. June 20 is Errol Flynn's birthday; we visited his grave at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California and left a "fighter pilot's" tribute.  Although Errol was not an actual fighter pilot, his role In "Dawn Patrol" is classic.  

Archie Frazer Nash's birthday was celebrated at a nearby car collection, where the restoration of a Frazer Nash TT Replica is very close to  completion.

Our Mille Miglia 421/100/168 joined the Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring in Dunedin (South Island, New Zealand ) in January 2016, driving from Nelson.  Rainy, very cool weather and few mechanical issues disrupted plans for participation in the many scheduled events, but we logged 1,100 miles between January 13 - 27.  Dunedin remains a favorite city to visit.  Here is a link to a report with photos and video!

News - 2015

News came through in July of several Frazer Nash cars for sale. all in England.  Two are authentic Le Mans Replicas.  One is a Le Mans Replica "replica" (see Index, below for a webpage on these cars).  And one is a chain-drive car, the Bill Bradley Special.  We saw this car on the Club's "Raid to New England" in 2013 - it's nice car, assembled over many years.

There are two birthdays in June related to Frazer Nash. June 20 is Errol Flynn's birthday. He was the owner of Targa Florio 421/200/169.  He is buried at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in nearby Glendale, California.  The photo below of his headstone, with two photos of Mr. Flynn's car, was taken on his birthday.  These photos are on the Post-War Models webpage under "Targa Florio".

Archie Frazer Nash is reported to have two birthdays, both listed in his recent biography.  Page 18 states July 20, 1889.  Page 213 states June 30, 1889.  Fortunately both agree on Hyderabad, India.  The correct date will be reported when it's known!

More Postwar Frazer Nash photos are in both the June and July issues of Vintage Roadcar/Vintage Racecar!

The April issue of Vintage Roadcar/Vintage Racecar has a road test of the only left-hand drive Frazer Nash Le Mans Coupe.  Nice photos also!

A report on a February-March tour in New Zealand, including a drive to the Southward Car Museum open house with a Frazer Nash Mille Miglia is here.  This report includes links to videos of the Frazer Nash, a drive in a 1923 Mercer Raceabout and walk-throughs of two museums.

News - 2014

Considerable improvements were made to the Frazer Nash Digital Library in May.  At the same time, a "virtual exhibit" of Frazer Nash cars and documents was created with a trial version of the PastPerfect collections management software.  Note the virtual exhibit webpage also links to the digital library with a tab on the upper right.  And to this site!

Mille Miglia 421/100/168 toured a small part of New Zealand's South Island but did not succeed in joining a small Frazer Nash "and other cars" tour on the North Island.  An uncertain ferry schedule was part of the cause.  The car is pictured at New Zealand's oldest pub, the Moutere Inn, on February 27.

News - 2013

The Frazer Nash Car Club Raid to New England, starting September 25 for two weeks, was much fun and a great adventure!  We did not join with the Mille Miglia, which remains in New Zealand.  However, it will be ready for the "informal" New Zealand Raid starting February 10, 2014.  Photos of the Raid are here.

In August, Louise Bunting (Captain of the Frazer Nash Car Club) and her husband, Richard Parsons, arrived in California with Richard's 1930 Frazer Nash Interceptor to participate in several events in the Monterey area from August 9 - 18.  This is a rare prewar model, and the exact car tested by "Motor Sport" magazine in 1931.  After Richard raced at Laguna Seca, they set off across the U.S. to bring the car to the New England area for the Club's "Raid" starting September 25.  Reports of this amazing journey are here! Explore this page for the separate reports.

The digital Frazer Nash archive was enhanced with new indexing and metadata techniques in July, to better align with archive "best practices".  There is no change in appearance but old and new material will be better related to the prewar and postwar cars for improved searching and browsing.  These improvements are explained on a webpage.

We are saddened to hear late in January that George Waltman, a very successful amateur racer, Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica owner and WWII B-29 pilot, passed away on January 8.  We corresponded with Mr. Waltman over the years and he had a great appreciation of the Frazer Nash postwar cars.  See this webpage for a photo of Mr. Waltman with his much-cherished car, a photo of the car during the 1953 Sebring race and others taken at the June Hershey concours.  Also this website has a tribute and more stories about Mr. Waltman.  Our condolences to his family and friends.

Mr. Waltman's Frazer Nash was auctioned at Bonham's Monterey event at Quail Lodge in August.  Results were good!

More sad news followed at the end of March, when we learned that John Kerridge, the avid owner and racer of his pre-war Abbott Frazer Nash passed away in Del Mar, California.  We frequently saw John and Carol at the vintage races.  Again, our condolences to Carol and all John's friends.

In May we received notice that a Le Mans Replica "replica" is for sale at In Racing, New Basford, Nottingham, England.  This is a car built by Crosthwaite & Gardiner with registration number MNU 894.

News - 2012

In mid July we received a report on upcoming competition events from the FN Car Club Competition Secretary, David Leigh.

The great, long-needed biography, "Archie Frazer-Nash, Engineer" arrived on May 18.  Bill Pollack interviewed a Frazer Nash owner to make this video review in two parts:  Part 1 and Part 2.  The Frazer Nash Club (UK) was initially looking for U.S. distributors but later assumed the transactions for all sales.  It is available from the Club directly or through Amazon-UK.

More progress on the Digital Car Library Project and the Frazer Nash collection.  A list of all the Frazer Nash cars (prewar and postwar) was assembled in Excel and successfully imported to use as the metadata in the Greenstone digital library software.  A sample/trial collection was sent to the Frazer Nash Archives. This is a general description of the project and the progress through August 2012.  For specific information on the Frazer Nash collection, go here.  The Digital Car Library has been online 7x24 since May, 2012 but access may be limited to business hours, US Pacific time.

A "recee" of New England for the planned 2013 U.S. Raid was made during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of May.

News - 2011

Full Membership

Great news in December, as announced by James Trigwell, the Post-war Registrar after the December 10 Frazer Nash Car Club meeting:

"I am pleased to inform you that last Saturday, at the club's AGM, the membership (i.e., the chain-drive owners) voted overwhelmingly in favour of admitting post-war owners into the club as Full Members with full voting rights. The only point where chain-drive and post-war owners now differ is that The Captain of the club must be the owner of a chain-drive Nash. After so many years of being associate members (similar to any member with any car other than a chain-drive Nash or GN) this is quite a breakthrough. I believe the only dissenting voice was one proxy vote.

The committee decided (and the membership has accepted) that allowable post-war cars should be restricted to those with genuine Frazer Nash chassis, originally built by the works between 1948 and 1957 (from the High Speed to the Continental). The reasoning behind this is that the genuine post-war cars were built by the same people, in the same factory, as the 1930s chain-drive cars, and should therefore be treated equally. Frazer Nash-BMWs and replica Nashes (eg Dick Crosthwaite's and Werner Oswald's cars/kits) are still welcome, but not having been built by AFN in Isleworth the owners remain associate members....

....Currently, out of 75 remaining post-war cars, 50 are owned by club members."

With this new membership status, there's little reason for the remaining 25 owners not to join up!

Raid to New England

Also announced, though percolating for a while, is a Raid and a tour.  The Raid, to New England in the fall of 2013, is being planned by John Sheard and Alastair Pugh.  As of December 16, 25 Club members have signed up to participate in some manner.  This should be the largest group of Frazer Nash cars, especially the chain-drive ones, ever seen in the United States.  Contact me or check this site, or that of the Frazer Nash Car Club, for more news.

Return to New Zealand

Also being planned, though not an official Club event, is a mid-February 2014 tour in New Zealand, starting in Auckland and promised to "seek out more by-ways and lesser-known destinations".  The planners are now John St. Julian, Bob and Andrea Mellors, Bill and Melanie Fone and John Snook.  I've signed up!

The Frazer Nash Digital Library Project

What to do with hundreds of photos, documents, Internet references, etc. about the postwar Frazer Nash?  And the many still in paper or other physical format (for example. a Frazer Nash and/or spare parts)?  A database is one computer-oriented approach, but with many caveats.  Doesn't a Frazer Nash "digital library" sound like a great idea? Especially using open-source (free) software from New Zealand, a country that has done so much for my Frazer Nash?  The digital library has been started and it works!  Also a database that can tie all the cars, all the owners and all the events together.  Here's the progress in 2011 and Frazer Nash will be the exclusive focus for 2012.  But our plans already exceed our talents and we would like volunteer help both with the Greenstone and Access software (technical) and digital-age library skills, which implies knowledge of  terms such as "Dublin-Core" and "controlled vocabulary".

Two Le Mans Replica replicas For Sale

In October, another Le Mans Replica "replica" was listed as for sale by John Peter Crowson.  He is the owner of "WOK 7" registration  number FNA 436, having owned the car for two years.  He writes: "I intend to sell the car having retired from racing (Chevron B40 F2 and Abarth PA1). The  Nash was never raced, just used as a fun car."  Email me for more details or Mr. Crowson's contact data.

We had a note in June from the owner of a Le Mans Replica "replica" that the car is being offered for sale.  It is a stunning car, as you can see on these photos.  Inquire directly to the seller list on that web page.

In May, Coys auction house sold the ex-Briggs Cunningham Targa Florio for a "very resonable" price.

The Bristol Car company was acquired by Kamkorp Autokraft, part of the Frazer-Nash group, on April 20, 2011.  As noted above, this company does not have any relation to AFN, Ltd, which manufactured and sold Frazer Nash cars from 1929 to 1957.

In April, there were three postwar Frazer Nash cars on offer - two Targa Florio models and one Le Mans Coupe.  This is a link to a Le Mans Coupe in California and this is link to a Targa Florio MkII for sale in Germany. A Targa Florio being offered in London has been sold.   

In February. I drove Frazer Nash Mille Miglia 421/100/168 from Invercargill, New Zealand to Auckland to join the Bristol Owners Register at the Intermarque Concours on Sunday, February 13 at the Ellerslie Racecourse.  On February 12, it was (mostly) on the "fun run" #5 to Matua Valley with many other classic cars.  For an early and partial report on this adventure, just click here!

The Frazer Nash Car Club has organized a "Raid" to Sicily in early May for the 60th anniversary of the outright win by a Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica of the Targa Florio.  More than forty prewar and postwar cars will drive through France and Italy before taking the ferry to Sicily.  Great fun!

The FN club has also started a project to digitize (or digitise) the archive files, starting with volunteers reviewing and organizing the material before professional scanning. An excellent project and we hope to report progress in the future.

News - 2010

The postwar Frazer Nash again appears in the October 2010 issue of "New Zealand Classic Car" magazine, but perhaps not so glamorous!  The last page has a cartoon by artist Steve Richards, in which the "brute American muscle cars" are kicking sand in the face of a Mille Miglia and its driver!  It seems to have used my car for the caricature. Great fun!

Also in September. we heard of two cars coming up for sale, a very historic Le Mans Replica now in England and a well-known Le Mans Replica "replica" (WOK2) now in Belgium.  Contact me for further information.

Scheduled for July was the "1000 Miles in 24 Hours", Saturday and Sunday, July 10-11, with great participation by GN and Frazer Nash cars!  See the "News" page of the Frazer Nash Car Club web site for details.

Although there are regular Frazer Nash email exchanges and research on nearly a daily basis, my highlight of May was meeting Frazer Nash owner Robert Yung twice while vacationing in Honolulu.  Mr. Yung was the original owner of Mille Miglia 421/100/124, which was built to his specifications in 1951.  After several years of extensive east coast racing and use, he sold the car and (probably) instantly regretted the sale.  This was remedied in 2001 when he found the Mille Miglia at an auction in England and bought it back.  Mr. Yung has great stories of his east coast and European automotive adventures, so check again in a few weeks for a few stories and rare photos.

Michael Elsom sent a status report on the "Ring project" in May, see it here.

And a few interesting bits of news items from January and February...

First, Michael Elsom is looking gauge interest for the "Eifel Raid 2010", as announced on the Frazer Nash Car Club website news

"... the plot is to spend approximately a week in the area - including the weekend at the Ring. Plans include taking a tour of the circuit at Spa - the original version not the modern one and viewing the area generally which would needless to say take in a vineyard or two on the Mosel. Travel to and from the region is easy - a day's drive from a Channel or North Sea port. The arrangement whereby everyone found their own way to Reims seemed to work well and I would think that should be the aim here as well.

...The international Vintage Nürburgring will take place on either October 2-3 or 9-10. You will be heartily welcome with your troop. We have added your address to our distribution list and will keep you up to date. As soon as entry details and timetable are in place we will send you these. News can be found also on the internet under"

Contact Michael Elsom by e-mail at michael.elsom "at"

Next, we heard from Matteo Bosisio, director of the Historical department of Ruote Borrani in Milan, Italy

"I’m approaching you because we are evaluating the manufacturing of special wheels for the BMW 328. Recently, we received several requests from Frazer-Nash and BMW owners, that are experiencing some difficulties in finding replacement wheels for those vehicles.

In the past, we used to manufacture wire wheels for BMW 328 as aftermarket options to the original steel disc wheels, but always keeping the original studs-drive and not our traditional spline-drive.  The reason why I’m contacting you is to understand if there is a real need for this item, and I’m not talking about wire wheels (that we still are offering to the market), but for a bi-metal wheel.

To be more clear about it, we are studying a replacement wheel  with a little improvement, consisting in adding a light alloy in the place of the traditional steel one.

So, the project will consist of re-manufacture the original centre-disc in steel with the addition of our traditional “Record Rim” in alloy 6082 - this will improve the quality of the wheel by less rotating mass and adding a more elegant look given by the Hi-polished alloy.

We just achieved a success with the re-edition of our historical bi-metal wheel for the Lancia Aurelia, this project was coordinate with the Lancia clubs world wide. We would like to repeat this wonderful experience with the BMW clubs to see if working together with enthusiasm, we will be able to offer a service that could help to keep safely on the road those beautiful vehicles.  Looking for your kind answer."

Contact Mr. Bosisio directly by email.

Finally, the postwar Frazer Nash is again honored by "New Zealand Classic Car" magazine with a great photo of 1952 Mille Miglia 421/100/168 as the June 2010 entry on their calendar and its engine is on the entire back cover.  The calendar is a free inclusion with the February 2010 issue which can be ordered through the magazine website.  "New Zealand Classic Car" has extremely high production values - high-gloss, heavy stock and equally high-quality photographs.  If you don't read further on this webpage, this is my car. 

News - 2009

Frazer Nash on Magazine Cover!

"New Zealand Classic Car" magazine has 1952 Mille Miglia 421/100/168 on the cover of the September 2009 issue.  This issue can be ordered through the magazine website.  "New Zealand Classic Car" has extremely high production values - high-gloss, heavy stock and equally high-quality photographs.  The story is very good and accurately describes this car and its history.  Many thanks to writer Mark Wright, photographer Sean Craig and editor Allan Walton.

"New Zealand Classic Car" also is offering "wallpaper" of this Frazer Nash, a high-resolution photographic collage - highly recommended for a download!

New Frazer Nash Book!

Announcement in mid-August from James Trigwell:

...for the last few years I have been working on a book on the post-war Frazer Nashes. It is now completed and will be published in November. Apart from covering the development of the cars and their racing history, half the book is dedicated to the Register of Cars, where each of the 86 chassis produced from 1948 to 1957 has a 2-page spread giving the individual history and 2 or 3 photos.

The publishers, Palawan Press, are well known for their high quality, limited edition productions on Aston Martins and other cars. Unfortunately the price reflects the high quality and limited quantity and all their books are similarly ‘exclusive’. The price is £300 for the clothbound edition, £700 for the leather-bound number. A saving of £50 can be made if the book is ordered and paid for before October 15, 2009.

A description from the publisher's website is here. If you are interested in buying a copy, please contact Palawan Press via

Another book includes the Frazer Nash

British Sports Cars, by Rainer W. Schlegemilch and Hartmut Lehbrink includes a 4-page segment on the post-war Frazer Nash, with Mille Miglia YMC 81 as the example.  Excellent photographs and a good short summary of this marque.  The book is a great summary of British cars and a good value in the high-quality paperback edition, 440 pages. (ISBN978-0-8416-0276-2)

Arnolt-Bristol Racing Tips

Bill Watkins, who owned and raced four different Arnolt-Bristols, assembled a collection of recommendations, primarily for the Bristol engine.  Either click directly on "Preparing and Racing Arnolt Bristols" or look for this in the index under "Frazer Nash Technical Data - items with tuning and technical specifications."  These tips are applicable to any car with a Bristol engine (all the post-war Frazer Nash cars except one!) Thanks, Bill!

Archibald Frazer Nash - his 120th Birthday

If my sources are reliable, Archibald Frazer Nash was born in India on June 30, 1889.  A toast to the man who made all these wonderful cars possible, if not in deed, certainly in spirit!

Errol Flynn's 100th Birthday

June 20, 1909 was the date when former Frazer Nash owner Errol Flynn was born in Hobart, Tasmania.  Here's a great tribute from Wayne Chambliss at

"We all know the tales of Errol Flynn’s excesses (the man had his own chapter in "Hollywood Babylon", after all). We all know how he wound up: flabby, dissolute, and dead of a heart attack at fifty. But for his hundredth birthday, let’s choose to remember him at his acme: swinging from ship to ship with a sabre in his fist, England on his lips, and a sparkle in his eye. There has never been a worthier object of matinee idolatry."

His car, a Targa Florio, is missing and we miss his heroic style!

Bolzano Raid

As reported by the Frazer Nash Car Club on their website:

"On 17th June, eighty-five Nashes and one GN will be on their way to Bolzano, in the centre of the Dolomites. The first great Raid took place in 1969, organised by David Thirlby in commemoration of Frazer Nash achievements before the war in the Alpine Trials, and was such a success that it has been repeated every ten years ever since. Oldest participant will be Dorothy Geoghegan, tackling the Stelvio and other great passes at the age of 93; youngest will be Patrick Teague, aged five. Many passes will be stormed, much rubber will be burned, and a good deal of wine will be drunk. Regular reports on the Raid will be on the Frazer Nash website."

Frazer Nash Namir?

Always great to see Frazer Nash in the news - especially on the April 20, 2009 cover of Autoweek!  It is the "Frazer Nash" Namir, an electric hybrid claiming incredible performance, styled by Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro.  But the link between the current Frazer-Nash and the car made by AFN Ltd (both pre and post-war) is not clear, though the sidebar to that article helps a bit.

It states the Frazer Nash "brand" came about because Frazer Nash Research Limited is owned by KamKorp (not spelled "Kamcorp" and probably not "Group"). The Frazer Nash Research Limited website states the company was "Founded in the 1920s by Archie Frazer-Nash, a renowned engineer and innovator..." 

It would be surprising if either company started by Archie Frazer Nash after he sold AFN, Ltd. to the Aldingtons retained the right to make cars under the Frazer Nash brand.  Here's a photo from Luc Blokhuis, taken at the Auto RAI 2009 in Amsterdam.

News - 2008

In November we received some very nice photos of the "ex Dickie Stoop" Sebring and the unique Austin-engined Targa Florio from owner Jonathan Procter.  These photos were added to "The Postwar Frazer Nash Models" site page as great examples.  Thanks Jonathan!

We also updated ownership of Le Mans Replica replica WOK 8 to Rob van Wegen.

James Trigwell, postwar registrar of the Frazer Nash Car Club, reported that he's organized 20 - 25 postwar FN cars to be on display at the Silverstone Classic, July 25-27.  This was mark the 60th anniversary of the 1948, first appearance of the postwar Frazer Nash car at Geneva and the London Motor Show.  An early report from James:

" ...we had 27 post-war 'Nashes and 3 chain-drive cars on display at the Silverstone Classic meeting, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Bristol-engined 'Nash. The (formerly) Robert Richer Le Mans Replica was there of course and it was the debut of my (formerly Frank Twait’s) Mille Miglia. Frank Allocca from New Jersey was there with his Targa Florio. It was a very good gathering."

Photos from James and Andrew Hall from both 2008 and 2009 are on this album.

Although it is news not normally within the "charter" of this website, in July we heard from Dan Rose that he is selling his GN, the famous "Akela".  Probably not best suited to US interstates, but just the car for club events on single-track roads in Scotland or New Zealand.

Also in July we learned of a "barn-find" 1936 Frazer Nash-BMW 319/55 for sale in the Seattle area.  Send an email if you are interested.

Andrew Blow has a Le Mans Replica "replica", one of the Werner Oswald cars, for sale at his business in Marlborough (UK) - a very attractive car for an entry to the "Frazer Nash experience".  See other photos on the "replicas" page and one for this car.

The Frazer Nash Car Club published "Chain Gang Gazette" issue #144 in April - always a great selection of stories, history and technical advice.

There was an early February bulletin from the Frazer Nash Car Club postwar registrar:

"This year is the 60th anniversary of the Post-War Frazer Nashes, as built by the Aldingtons and designed by Fritz Fiedler. The first public showing was at the Geneva Show in March 1948 and then at Earls Court in October 1948. It would be fun to celebrate this milestone and an obvious opportunity to do this would be at the Silverstone Classic weekend of July 25-27th where the BMW 328s had such an impressive gathering two years ago for their 70th anniversary. If you have not been to Classic Silverstone before, it is a huge race meeting, mainly for Classic cars of the 50s and 60s, but also for pre-war cars and 80s Group C cars.

Motion-Works has been contacted (organisers of the club sites for Silverstone) to reserve parking for 15-25 cars. Tickets booked before March 31 are £5-10 less expensive than after that date and £15 cheaper than on-the-day prices. Also, if booked in advance, "buy-one-ticket-get-one-free" tickets are available for those bringing a friend or family member."

Contact me or the Frazer Nash Club if this is of interest to you! Click for a Silverstone 2008 advertisement.

News - 2007

In mid-September, we learned that the first post-war Frazer Nash, a High Speed (forerunner of the Le Mans Replica) is for sale at Hall & Hall.  We also received photos from Robert van Wegen, racing his Le Mans Replica "replica" at Speed on the Tweed in Australia.

The Frazer Nash Club's publication, the "Chain Gang Gazette", issue No. 142 arrived in mid-August.  In addition to a great centerfold photo of Archie Frazer-Nash in "Akela" (a GN) for the Centenary of Brooklands, the "Post War Patter" column reported that 75 of the 84 post-war cars are accounted for.  46 are owned by members of the FNCC, so if you are one of the 29 holdouts, please join up!

The June issue of "Thoroughbred and Classic Cars" (UK) had a great article on Mille Miglia S/N 421/100/166 in which author Glen Waddington states: "The Frazer Nash is fantastic fun to drive from the word go".  I agree strongly and highly recommend this article!

In February and March, we received great information on Frazer Nash cars and owners from Tom Householder, James Harrington (a former Isleworth resident) and William HP Meredith, a former AFN employee.  Look for their stories in April on the website pages about the AFN "factory" and the Frazer Nash owners and drivers.

Mille Miglia 421/100/163 has been restored to its original glossy black glory by owner James Trigwell and is expected to be fully licensed during March.  Here is an early photo on a scenic lane.  

Mr. Trigwell also sent me a short product of his research on Mille Miglia 421/100/168 from Autosport, July 11, 1952 edition (" doubt written as a press release by Bill Aldington..."):

 “J. Stuart Donaldson, owner of the Sebring 12 Hours Race-winning “Replica” Frazer-Nash, has ordered a Mille Miglia model as well. Car left these shores on 8th July on the Queen Mary.”

New Zealand's "Classic Car" magazine gave a fifth place award to this same car in their "2006 Classic Car of the Year" feature.  See all ten cars on pages 28-29 of the January 2007 issue.  Total points awarded were 487.4, which was .4 points shy of fourth place.

The car below is this Frazer Nash Mille Miglia, at Arthur's Pass, New Zealand, February 20, 2005. Our trip with the "Frazer Nash Raid to New Zealand" included 1200 miles of driving on the South Island. Many thanks to Barry Leitch, Leitch Motorsports and Restoration, and the the Raid organizers. Here is the story, with photos, and many more Raid photos are posted here. Although there is no competition history for this car, it is well-traveled, from England on the Queen Mary to New York, later to Florida, then Hawaii.  Much later to California, then Arizona and finally back through California to New Zealand! We believe it's been further south than any Frazer Nash when it went to Slope Point in November 2005, the southernmost point of New Zealand South Island.

Frazer Nash Mille Miglia, 421/100/168

For older news of Frazer Nash cars and a history of this website, visit the "Frazer Nash News" page.

The data on the ninety Frazer Nash postwar projects show that all have a known location or disposition except the following three cars:

Spyder (421/E2, engine 1056), body by Touring of Milan, show car at Geneva in 1948, first owner was the Shah of Iran. May still be in Iran.

Le Mans Replica (421/100/109, engine FNS 1/11), first owned by Count "Johnny" Lurani, raced extensively by Franco Cortese, won Targa Florio in 1951. Rebodied with Fiat 8V type coupe body by Riva.

Targa Florio (421/200/169, engine FNS 1/41), original owner was Errol Flynn. Reported lost as part of his personal property seized by an Italian court when Flynn, as the producer of unfinished movie "The Story of William Tell", was sued by Italian creditors in September 1953.  No status since that time.


Send me anything you may know about the remaining "missing" cars and I'll put you in touch with the Frazer Nash Archives or send an email to James Trigwell directly. Your help is appreciated!

Thanks for visiting and your patience with the development of this site - web page updates compete with projects in semi-retirement: a consulting business, other car hobbies, and typical activities in (mostly) sunny Southern California!

If you're interested in the Frazer Nash, please send me a message!

Bob Schmitt
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