Frazer Nash - USA

Table of Contents

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  1. Frazer Nash - USA - the home page of this web site.
  2. Frazer Nash News - year-by-year news on Frazer Nash cars from the inception of this site.
  3. The Frazer Nash Archives - an introduction to the location of Frazer Nash documents maintained by the Frazer Nash Trust.
  4. The Postwar Frazer Nash Models - an overview of the different sports, touring and racing cars made between 1947 and 1956.
  5. Frazer Nash Bibliography - a listing of all known books, magazine articles and anthologies which provide useful Frazer Nash data.
  6. Frazer Nash - Postwar Production Table - a table showing the 90 projects of AFN, Ltd. which became 85 serial-numbered cars.
  7. Frazer Nash Competition Appearances - a table showing postwar Frazer Nash entries in early races and rallys.
  8. Restoration of 421/100/168, a Mille Miglia - a brief history and restoration status of a 1953 Frazer Nash Mille Miglia.
  9. Frazer Nash Photographs - photos of Frazer Nash cars, events and owners from the AFN archives and private sources.
  10. Photographs from the AFN factory, 1951-52 - contributed by employee John Fearn and Alec Rait.
  11. The Le Mans Replica "replicas" - a short history and origin of these cars, not built by AFN.
  12. Frazer Nash Technical Data - items with tuning and technical specifications.

For a history of and news about Frazer Nash cars built before WWII please visit the Frazer Nash Car Club:

The Frazer Nash Car Club - a link to the best web site for information on the pre-war, chain-drive Frazer Nash cars and the Frazer Nash-BMW, offering membership to owners and fans of all Frazer Nash cars.  See also Wikipedia!

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