The Frazer Nash Archives


The Frazer Nash Archives was established as a registered charity by John Aldington, son of HJ "Aldy" Aldington, to preserve, extend and promote the history of the marque.  Go to the Archives website:

At its core are the photos, records, trophies and memorabilia collected and guarded by Johnís uncle, WH "Bill" Aldington, who had been in charge of advertising and publicity from the early 1930s onwards. In addition, bundles of documents from the Kingston days were found in the roof of the Falcon Works and these are slowly being sorted and placed in the relevant files which are kept for each Frazer Nash chassis from 1923 to 1957.

There are also files for Frazer Nash-BMWs imported during the second-half of the 1930s and information on the relationship between AFN and the Bristol Aeroplane Company which led to the production of the Bristol 400 and 401.

Four famous Frazer Nash cars owned for many years by John Aldington and donated by him to the Archives are on display:

  • 1925 PlusPower-engined Three Seater

  • 1934 Blackburne-engined Byfleet II

  • 1949 Bristol-engined four-seater Cabriolet

  • 1951 Bristol-engined Le Mans Replica, winner of the 1951 British Empire Trophy in the Isle of Man driven by Stirling Moss

The Frazer Nash Archives is managed by the following Trustees, all of whom are full members of the Club:

  • Roger Richmond

  • Peter Livesey

  • Winston Teague

  • John Marsh

  • Louise Bunting

  • Matt Vincent

  • Clive Godsell

  • Bob Mellors

Patron: James Trigwell

To arrange a visit to the Frazer Nash Archives or for more information on a particular car or subject please contact one of the following:

  • Visits or general information - Peter Livesey on 01494 881453 or

  • Chain-drive GN and Frazer Nash cars - Winston Teague 01584 881240 or

  • FN-BMW and Post-war Frazer Nash cars - James Trigwell 01483 571571 or

Donations of information and photos concerning GN and Frazer Nash cars are always welcome. The Archives is a safe and useful place to lodge precious files built up over many years by Frazer Nash owners and enthusiasts. Also, donations of money, however small, will help to maintain this valuable resource for future generations of Nash lovers.

The Frazer Nash Archives is located in England, near London at: Coxon House, Newtown Business Park, Reading Road, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 1HG, United Kingdom.


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