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The Le Mans Replica "replicas"

There isn't much written about the series of cars known as the Le Mans Replica "replicas". Geoffrey Bewley wrote an article, "Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica Replica", for the March/April 1990 Vintage Motorsport magazine.  Geoff Dowdle, Andrew Blow, David Starling and other published sources have provided more data on these cars.

Some of these "replicas" have been regarded as "almost proper" by a few observers, probably meaning their accuracy of copying an original Le Mans Replica.  Many other automotive historians ignore the existence of all "replicas", whatever their source, or note these cars are not truly "Frazer Nash" or AFN, Ltd. in origin.  

Because there isn't any comprehensive published documentation or complete identification of these cars, this web page will collect, preserve and present reports and data as they become known. 

Crosthwaite & Gardiner

According to publications and direct sources, Crosthwaite & Gardiner built up a number of "replicas", probably starting when this firm restored a LeMans Replica with a frame salvaged from a racing accident.  This was probably in the 1960's or 1970's, much after AFN's production of the post-war cars had ceased.

Mr. Bewley wrote about Dick Crosthwaite's work:

"He produced a small batch of duplicate tubular chassis, and collected engine and running gear from scrapped Bristols.  A set of cars were finished with copies of the Le Mans Replica body featuring correct instruments and generally correct trim.  These were definitely small 'r' replicas."

C & G are reported to have made between 6 - 9 chassis, bodies or complete "replicas" in the 70's:

Registration Serial Number History
KYR 482 400/1/566, Engine 85A/1374 (identity from Bristol 400?) Owned by Ian Mac Nee, Castlemaine, Australia for many years. Sold to UK to a Mr. Procter, possibly a dealer. Then to USA?  See photo below.


XME 253 421/100/168, engine 3044 (This is the AFN serial number of the author's Mille Miglia - I can only speculate on the reasons for this choice!) Owned by David Starling UK.  Sold in 1984 to Japan; later returned to UK. Advertised by Coys 1/12/94.  Was for sale at Dragone Classic Motorcars, 2005-2006 as a "1952 Frazer-Nash Lemans Racer".  New owner, Peter Fino, posted a YouTube video, which is no longer available.


RCD 305 (formerly XMG 6).  Currently identified as "CG2" Original engine 100B2; FNS 11 engine, originally fitted to XMX 4, now installed. Dick Crosthwaite, Chris Drake Collectors Cars, Ltd., sold by J. Bradburn,  (Classic & Sports Car, 10/96, p. 262)  to Graham Chittenden, sold to Ken Hawes, 12/99.  For Sale October, 2001.  See 7/2002 note below. 

Reported to have a body built by Peels (like other C&G replicas) all modeled on FN 158.

Later owned by Peter Mann. Then brought to 2009 Monterey Historic races (see photo below) by new owner with rebuilt engine, gearbox, de Dion, etc.; this work was done in the UK.


MNU 894 Bristol 100 engine.
Owned by Robert Yung, Hawaii (Mr. Yung was the original owner of Mille Miglia 421/100/124).

Partly restored by Mike DiCola, 1999 Massachusetts.

Restored by IN Racing, Nottingham. For sale, May 2013 - January 2014.

YHV23 (formerly STB 333) For sale at Pendine Historic Cars, July 2015; previously for sale in T&CC, 9/86, Alan Dunkerley. See photo below.

For sale in 2017 at Fender Broad Classic Cars.  New registration number, black wheels and leather changed from red and a new steering wheel.

In April 2020, Lee Marshall reported: "YHV23 C+G replica Replica is once again on the market at Pendine Cars in the UK, Price on Application."

Bob Brock updated its history in April 2021: "Just for the record, the car that Lee Marshall wrote  to you about last year has been owned by me for the last 4years. The car is without doubt the very first chassis from which a jig was made to produce the batch. The registration is 515 TMX and is currently in fine running order. It could soon be on the market..."

YH 7559  & YRO 405


FNS engine 1051 Former owner was Francesco Di Lauro (see photo below).  Previously long owned by David Starling (Waikanae Beach, NZ), who sent a detailed history of this car.  Car sold in 2008 by Auto Classics near Wellington, New Zealand; then sent to Italy (August, 2009).

Simon Park bought it in 2013 from Francesco di Lauro and repatriated it to England. The New Zealand registration number, YH 7559, was replaced by its original UK number, YRO 405.  It retains the historic "Mille Miglia" FNS engine.

Ivan Rosen (Austria) updated YRO 405 history: "...I bought this Car “Le Mans Replica” Replica in 2018 from Classic Motor Hub in England.

The car is in perfect conditions and finished the Mille Miglia in 2019 and the Ennstal Classic in Austria 2021 without any problems with the original Engine from the Mille Miglia 1949."


YCD 600

"1950 Frazer Nash Le Mans Rep by Crosthwaite & Gardiner"  August, 2021


"This particular car has a very interesting history; of all the cars built by C&G this one probably has the purest history, being owned by a single custodian. Since then it has sat in an eclectic collection alongside original Le Mans and TT Rep Nashes. The car has covered very few miles from new, with old MOT’s on file showing the current mileage is correct at c. 600. Always lovingly cared for, the car benefits from recent servicing and has been set up for road motoring. It is very rare not only to find a very accurate tool room copy but also a car that was purchased directly from C & G. With original Frazer Nash Le Mans Replicas approaching £700, 000. This C & G car is a perfect candidate for great motoring at a fraction of the cost."

Click the images below for full-size photo

RCD305-090815.jpg (362555 bytes)

RCD 305 at 2009 Monterey Historics


TME-XME-84.jpg (111090 bytes)

XME 253 and TME 924 (421/100/006) - 1983


xme25394.jpg (62761 bytes)

It's not certain if all the above cars are C & G "replicas" and there may be more.  Note that one replica used registration XMG6.  This was formerly on Le Mans Replica Mk 2, S/N 421/200/176.  This car was destroyed in a 1955 racing accident.


003R-090828.jpg (359447 bytes)

YRO 405 (formerly YH7559) at the 2009 Vernasca Silver Flag hillclimb in the Apennine Mountains near Parma and Piacenza


STB333-080910.jpg (124272 bytes)

STB 333 at Goodwood, 2008

KYR482-080000.jpg (112510 bytes)

KYR 482, in the US, 2008

Jonathan Bradburn sent a note in July 2002 about RCD 305:

"I currently own the Crossthwaite and Gardner car registered RCD 305 which I bought from Ken Hawes. It is a car that I have owned before. I have carried out a full overhaul of the brakes and have replaced all wheel bearings and fitted a close ratio gearbox. Also rebuilt water pump and presently am having a new cam bearing fitted. Engine is FNS 11. The car was fitted with a works de Dion axle by Dick Crossthwaite and FN hubs with heavy duty FN wheels. As my other Le Mans rep is nearing the end of a long rebuild, I will sell the car. Asking price is £75,000.

Over the years I have owned many other Nashes, ACs, Tojeiros, Listers, Lotus 10s and the like. I rebuilt the Reardon Smith Targa Florio after the previous owner (a Mr. Forbes Procter, I believe) rolled the car. Our family business was motor trade - my grandfather built his first car in 1904 - and, amongst other dealerships that we had, we were Bristol dealers up until 1964."

Werner Oswald Replicas

Another series of replicas was started in about 1990.  Werner Oswald, with a few associates, laid down parts for 10 "replicas", possibly copied from a Le Mans Replica Mk 1 owned by Frank Sytner. Mike Robinson has been also identified as associated with the "Werner Oswald Kits" (WOKs), as they came to be known, which were never sold in built-up form.  He was reported to also have a WOK, not yet fully completed.

It was reported that one of the partners in the project found that the business name, Frazer-Nash Cars Ltd, had not been registered for a few years and bought it from Companies House, seemingly a proper business transaction.  A possible goal was to reduce threats of litigation on the issue of "identity" for the cars produced by Mr. Oswald if advertising claimed they were made by "Frazer-Nash Cars, Ltd".  No records have been found of this transaction or advertising.  In 2014, Tim Frost clarified that "Frazer Nash Cars Ltd" was wholly owned by him and had no connection with the Werner Oswald project.

These cars reportedly still do not easily get a "proper registration" in the UK, and various methods were used to avoid "kit car" registration (which usually includes a "Q" in the registration number).

The Le Mans Replica "replica" sold in 1999 by Andrew Blow had a "Frazer-Nash BMW" identity, indicating it to have been made in 1938!  This could also imply a legitimate claim to its FNA 436 registration number - all adding up to a "proper provenance".  However, because the identity of this car is well known, there is little UK that anyone in the UK would seriously identify it as a "true" Le Mans Replica.  However, if it were imported it to the USA or elsewhere, the paperwork could look "proper" up to a point.

In April 2020, Lee Marshall reported: "C+G replica Replica YHV23 is once again on the market at Pendine Cars in the UK, Price on Application. I will stay close to the market for Rep reps and will share anything that I find as I agree; it’s good to keep a record of these cars for the sake of completeness."

Serial Number Registration History
WOK 1  625 PPO Oswald prototype, from Oswald to Peter Mann. Not sold at Brooks auction, Olympia, April 30, 1992. Sold in 2013 by Albion Motor Cars (Belgium)  Advertised for sale, January, 2014 through Car And Classic Ltd. UK
WOK 2  991 EPC Reported currently for sale with LMB Racing in Belgium for Euro 149,995 (March 2020). Heath to Mick Walsh to Guy Janssen (2001)
WOK 3 MKR 103 Owned by John Teague, sold December 1, 2008 at a Bonhams auction.
WOK 4 B. Linnhoff to Brian Flegg (New Zealand) On offer, June, 2011.
WOK 5 Brian May sold in 1996 to ????
WOK 6 141 JLB Sold in June 2008 by Andrew Blow to M. Ormond. Photo below. Also sold long ago by B. Williamson & D. Martin
WOK 7 FNA 436

For sale February 2020 by John P Crowson who wrote: "I would just like to inform anyone who may be interested that I now wish to sell the car having been in my ownership for eleven years. There is no pretence it is anything other than a Rep Rep but a good one at that. As the subject of a article and test in Classis & Sports Car Magazine in February 2006, marque exponent Roddy MacPherson concluded it was as good as real thing after a spirited drive. I am looking for £95.000. The car has recently undergone a small amount of work and check over by INRacing of Nottingham who are Bristol engine and gearbox specialists. I have enjoyed my ownership; however it is time to part company." 

For sale by John Peter Crowson, October 2011. Previously on offer, September 2008 by A. Blow. Former owner was Stephen Hall, sold by A. Blow to J. Baker about 2001.
WOK 8 Rob van Wegen obtained it from Neville Webb (2006, Australia).  Restored by new owner.  Entered in Australia vintage events.  For sale by Oldtimer Australia, May 2014, $249,500 AU. Sold through a dealer to UK in September 2019.
WOK 9 Mike Robinson
WOK 10 Tim Frost, who later sold it still in kit form to Peter Lanfranchi
WOK 11 005 Geoff Dowdle (Australia) sold it to Chris Stafford (Cooroy, Queensland, Australia) in December 2018

Note: WOK 8 reported to have WOBS 01 stamped in chassis.  Geoff's has WO BS 11.


WOK 8, for sale May 2014

WOK 6, April, 2008.  Click here for more photos.

FNA 436, sold in 1999 by Andrew Blow

Another replica

The car below, registration VHX 77, is believed to have been constructed by Bill Roberts as a "Le Mans special".  It used a body which was built from full-size body drawings of a High Speed model, modified to replicate XMG 6 (a "works cars"). The owner made the body hoops and the radiator grill and it was then bodied professionally.  The gearbox, axles and wheels were originally fitted to Frazer Nash single seaters and the Mk1 chassis, or parts of it, were possibly works spares. It has an overdrive and a Bristol D2 engine also built from spares.  It is located in Great Britain.


One observer has identified the main differences between the C&G replicas and original LeMans Replica as:

  • Mostly Austin front and rear axles, brakes, wire wheels (Note that authentic Le Mans Mk 2 Replicas used Austin bits from new and some Mk 1 Replicas were modified to accept Austin parts);

  • Scuttle in front of steering wheel is flat, not humped to fit speedometer and tachometer;

  • Body appears accurate, probably better than most Oswald cars.

The same observer noted:

  • He was informed that Oswald Replicas were made different from the original LeMans Replicas on purpose;

  • The cockpit shape, bonnet scoop and grille were all different from an original;

  • The nose is too high between the top of grille and bonnet opening (but this has been fixed on at least two Oswald cars);

  • Overall they are quite well made and a credit to Mr. Oswald and others involved.

"Replicas" turn up outside the UK.  Geoff Dowdle reported that the history of post-war Frazer Nash cars in Australia probably began with a Targa Florio 421/200/198, which was in a museum in Adelaide.  He missed the opportunity to buy it when it was advertised in Road & Track, as it was quickly sold to the USA. In the 1980's, when prices of all classic cars went up sharply, this put a genuine FN out of his reach. Geoff considered building his own "replica" LeMans Replica, but could not get access to an original for measurements.

When Werner Oswald advertised wheels for the 328 BMW and the Frazer Nash in England, Geoff called him and learned Mr. Oswald was building a batch of "replicas".  Because Geoff had numerous Bristol engines, gearboxes and other spares, he ordered an Oswald kit.   Eventually he obtained a chassis, body (but not fitted), and grille.

Geoff built it up slowly over the past 8 years and eventually got it club registered in 1999.  He has since traveled only 600 miles with this car and plans to sort it out mechanically before painting and trimming it properly.

WOK 11

In 1997, Geoff visited New Zealand and met Bruce Clark, who then owned Mille Miglia 421/100/161 (XHX193, the "sister car" to my Mille Miglia).  He concluded it was the most fantastic car he'd ever seen and stated:

"It certainly is one of the best looking post-war sports cars ever - if I had my time over again I would have preferred a Replica Mille Miglia. Bruce let me drive his father Bill's LeMans Replica (421/100/112) which really spurred me on to finishing my replica."

Some years ago, Geoff nearly bought the last alloy body from XMG6, then being sold by Julius Thurgood.  The ultimate purchaser of that body is now reported to be building up XMG6 around this body. Dennis Jenkinson wrote Geoff at the time to advise that if he did the same, it would only be a "replica".

There have also been reported to be other Replica "replicas" made, possibly assuming the identity of crashed and written-off cars.  It could be very difficult in the future to firmly distinguish an "original" Le Mans Replica from a "replica". Denis Jenkinson was reported to have all the "facts" on this, but there isn't a serious known, current attempt to classify and identify all Le Mans Replicas

Geoff Dowdle provided "replica" updates in October, 2019:'

1. He sold his Werner Oswald Rep #11 to Chris Stafford (Cooroy, Queensland, Australia) in December 2018.  Geoff reported that Chris has it mobile again and running better than before. He is happy the car is being used!

2. Robert Van Wegen's Werner Oswald Rep #8 was sold through a dealer to UK in Sept 2019.

3. The Le Mans Rep Mk2 "replica" built by Brett Boughton in Perth, Western Australia that was sold in 2016 to Mick Malton of Perth was sold in 2019 to J. Morrison in UK.   Photos below:

4.  And one for sale - Geoff thought it could have been a spare chassis that was sold at auction about 10 - 15 years ago .

In April 2020, Lee Marshall reported: The ‘spare’ WOK chassis that Geoff refers to on your site (the car that was on the market 15 or so years ago and remained uncompleted for some time) is also for sale, but is not being currently marketed openly. I am in touch with that owner too. Anything further that I learn, I will share with you for update on the site."

Details in this ad have been removed, this remains on the Car and Classic website:


"Original chassis from which all the other WOKs were built . Not completed until 2013 ,with make it arguably the most accurate example. FNS spec.engine , with Cosworth pistons, lightened flywheel, Super sports camshaft etc. Cylinder head from a Cooper Bristol giving approx. 140 bhp , 3.9 diff. and overdrive fitted. Less than 1000 miles since completion and in outstanding order, this beautiful car goes and handles as a Nash should. Located in Devon. Reluctant sale but priced to go.


If you have any information to share on the Replica "replicas", please send it to me.  Thanks!

Bob Schmitt

(This webpage originally posted August 1999; updated October 31, 2021)


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