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June 22. 2011

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This Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica is one of approximately 10 cars from Werner Oswald.

The car was imported by the present owner into New Zealand in 1995 and finished off over the following years to a very high standard with the detailed work and modifications being carried out by a car restorer who restores cars for the Southward Motor Museum collection in Wellington, New Zealand. In order to ensure that the car was as authentic as possible detailed photographs were used of the Stirling Moss British Empire Trophy winning car WMC181 as the reference point for the restoration.

The car is finished in British Racing Green, its seats and carpets are a tan colour picked out with green piping and it is in immaculate condition. At present the car forms part of a collection of 10 Bristol engine cars and has only covered approximately 20 miles on the open road.

The car is fitted with a Bristol 100 series engine rebuilt to a higher sports specification i.e Mahle pistons, special camshaft, gas flowed cylinder head, Le Mans tapered sump, 3 Weber carburettors and a special exhaust system. The Bristol gearbox is close ratio with a high ratio fixed first gear and has a remote control gear lever. The rear axle is rebuilt with a new higher ratio 3.7:1 crown wheel and pinion assembly.

History of the Werner Oswald replicas

Another series of replicas was started in about 1990.  Werner Oswald, with a few associates (including Tim Frost), laid down parts for 10 "replicas", possibly copied from a Le Mans Replica Mk 1 owned by Frank Sytner. Mike Robinson has been also identified as associated with the "Werner Oswald Kits" (WOKs), as they came to be known, which were never sold in built-up form.  He is reported to also have a WOK, not yet fully completed.

About the same time, one of the partners in the project found that the business name, Frazer-Nash Cars Ltd, had not been registered for a few years and bought it from Companies House, all apparently a proper business transaction.  This implied that cars produced by Mr. Oswald could be advertised as made by "Frazer-Nash Cars, Ltd", somewhat reducing a threat of litigation on the issue of "identity".

These cars reportedly still do not easily get a "proper registration" in the UK, and various methods were used to avoid "kit car" registration (which usually includes a "Q" in the registration number).

A Le Mans Replica "replica" sold in 1999 by Andrew Blow had a "Frazer-Nash BMW" identity, indicating it to have been made in 1938!  This could also imply a legitimate claim to its FNA 436 registration number - all adding up to a "proper provenance".  However, because the identity of this car is well known, there is little UK that anyone in the UK would seriously identify it as a "true" Le Mans Replica.  However, if it were imported it to the USA or elsewhere, the paperwork could look "proper" up to a point.


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