From: David Leigh

Subject: From your Comps Sec - Upcoming events

Dear all,

I hope your season is going well and sorry to those of you for whom it is not going so well (Simon BE!)

BDC Silverstone – Saturday 11th August - "The Bentley Drivers Club is celebrating its 63rd year of racing at Silverstone and everything from vintage cars to modern-day machines will be taking to the track – honouring a continuous run of annual BDC events at the circuit, from 1949 to the present day.”  Those of you who have been before will know that this club really knows how to run a “relaxed, fun meeting” with a BBQ, bar and music in the pits on the Friday night.  You are automatically invited as a competitor to this and a contribution for food and booze will be asked for on the night. 


You can enter your chain drive car in events 1, 5 or 9 with loads of track time.  To download entry forms follow this link

You should try to enter Event 5 the Keston Pelmore Challenge for pre war cars.  This is a race for one or two drivers with a pit stop and wheel change during the race.  There is an award to the best “family team” so husband/wife/partner father/son/ Captain and Mrs or Mr…. etc.

The BDC says, “we hope teams from the VSCC, FNCC, ODM and BDC will battle for honours”

You can also enter your post war Frazer Nashes, there’s a 50s sports car race and some of you may have Morgans, Equipe GTS or FISCAR eligible cars as well as ACs, MGs etc…

Stop press – the BDC will also have the EXP Speed 8 Le Mans winning car on the track for demos and all competitors and marshals names will be entered in a draw for a free demo ride that day at Silverstone – underwear colour will not be inspected after!!

Birkett 6 Hour Relay Race – Saturday 27th October  - Silverstone GP Circuit.

The Frazer Nash club have a long association with The Birkett 6 Hour Relay Race run if I remember in the afternoon and evening of the Saturday giving another added dimension to the race, darkness – the other being the weather…….after all it will be the end of October………………..and they could have played easy and run it in July…….moving on…

The Captain is very keen we support this event for teams of 4 to 6 cars with a club support team (food and drink) etc.

To download the entry form go to

About the Birkett, Dougal Cawley in his own inimitable fashion, takes up the story:

“I’ve just been on the phone to this chap that is involved with the 6 hour relay at Silverstone. He said this year it is on the GP circuit. I haven’t done the new GP circuit, and I have never done the Birkit

He also said it was a shame that the Nashes no longer did it.

Based on the fact That teams of GN’s are completely unbeatable in relay races. I think it is fair to say that any team made up completely of GN’s have never ever been beaten ever in the whole world ever in relay races. This century. this proves that GN’s and their drivers are better than Frazer Nashes I feel it would be better for the club if we represented them. The chap that I spoke to was a handicapper for the MDMA or some such association

As a result of the proven heroism and true grit of a GN drivers (that always win relay races) I wonder if any of you hero’s might be interested in getting a team together.

Again it is attention to detail that counts in things like this, and again I think the team name is possibly one of the most important things. Our time would  be better spent (possibly in a pub) coming up with a good name rather than wasting time preparing our cars. However I have selflessly spent all of my at day at work on the job, as it were, and come up with what I think could be quite a good name “The GNob heads”.

To me it sounds better than wasting all that money on Ferry fees and getting sodomised by some Moule eating surrender monkey which is exactly what would happen if we went to Spa”

So support the Birkett and let me know if you want to enter a team and if you need any help.

Doune Speed Hill Climb, Saturday and Sunday the 15th and 16th September - Doune Speed Hillclimb Course is recognised as one of the sports premier venues "The King of Hills" in Britian and has hosts a number of Frazer Nash Raids in the past as well as more minor events such as two rounds of the British Speed Hillclimb Championship and four rounds of the Scottish Hill Climb Championship annually!!!    

James Parker is planning to be there with the BHD Special and also the Chawner GN – Download your entry forms and regs here and let’s hope we can make a raid of it again in the near future.  Contact James on

Best wishes


From: Lucy Leigh
Sent: 17 July 2012 15:01
To: David Leigh
Subject: BDC Silverstone press release
Importance: High

Can you chop this to cater for the Chain Gang to enter the Keston Pelmore Challenge?  Also, some may have 50s cars suitable to race with Equipe GTS or FISCAR and enter one or other or both Allcomers races...

"The Bentley Drivers Club is celebrating its 63rd year of racing at Silverstone taking place on the 11th August and everything from vintage Bentleys to modern-day machines will be taking to the track – honouring a continuous run of annual BDC events at the circuit, from 1949 to the present day.

Among the highlights at the 63rd meeting will be the traditional Bentley Handicap & Scratch races, a uni...que feature of BDC meetings and firm favourites with both participants and spectators alike, allowing Bentleys of all eras to take part in genuinely competitive battles for victory.

Joining in this super day’s racing will be the Morgan Championship which will again provide a fast moving spectacle around the track; the FISCAR Series, with a grid of legendary sports cars including Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ferrari, and Austin Healey to name just a few iconic marques, are with us again for a second year; and Equipe GTS will be out in force. Added to this will be a Pre-War Race ‘with a twist’, a pit stop and wheel change challenge race, with one or two drivers competing, and where we hope teams from the VSCC, FNCC, ODM and BDC will battle for honours. A race for AC/MG/Morgans is also on the card and rounding off the day’s events are two Allcomers’ races – Handicap and Scratch – which will test the metal of all competitors.

The traditional Bentley Parade, which invites any Club member who turns up in a Bentley to drive three laps of the legendary Silverstone circuit, and displays of outstanding Concours standard Bentleys will add to the Bentley Drivers Club warm welcome to all attending on the day.

Sebastian Welch, Competitions Captain of the BDC, is looking forward to both the on and off-track action: ‘The programme of racing looks to be most exciting and I am particularly looking forward to the Pre-War race with a twist’ he told us. We look forward to welcoming all Bentley fans."