Frazer Nash Mille Miglia, 421/100/168

At AFN Ltd., Isleworth, 1951-52
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Mille Miglia 421/100/168, early 1952, leaving factory for the Turin Auto Show

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1952 Turin Show Photo

The photo below is from the AFN Archives.  Notes with the the photo identify Stuart Donaldson and Commander Jipson at Floyd Bennett Field. Mr. Donaldson is listed as the original owner of several Frazer Nash cars brought into the United States and he may have been operating as an importer/dealer.  The Navy aircraft appears to be a Grumman F9F Panther or Cougar.  Later owners were Perry Boswell  Sr., Captain J. I. Saubers (Palm Beach, Florida) and Robert Scott (Honolulu).  There is no history yet of Mr. Donaldson's ownership.  "Duke" Donaldson later was an owner-entrant of Indy cars, from 1957 through 1960 in the Indianapolis 500.

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The following photos are from Jerry Saubers, the owner after Perry Boswell Sr., in the mid-50's, on Oahu and Hickam AFB

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1976, in Egon Peterson's driveway, after purchase December 31, 1975 and initial storage on Tantalus

Ulunahele Street, Maunawili (Kailua), Hawaii)

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At Kimmins Coachworks, Lake Havasu City, December 2002

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Bruce at work

168-2002-Grill.jpg (295737 bytes)

Still the single part in good shape

At Larry Thompson's shop, Honolulu, 2004

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Photo below is the Velasco crankshaft, shipped to Invercargill by Post Office Air Parcel on December 14. 

Later machined to fit the engine and ready to assemble. 

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Last update: February 8, 2005

One of the wheels had been missing ever since I've bought the car.  Mike Robinson (England) shipped one to New Zealand and Barry received it in January, 2005.

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Brought from Lake Havasu City, Arizona to Compton, California

En route to Invercargill, New Zealand

July 19 and 20, 2004

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Thanks to Bruce Kimmins for the great coachwork.  And to Helen Kimmins, Robbie Stevens, MVS Kapitan Afanasyev on Voyage 475, and Jeff's Vehicle Deliveries, Ltd for the transportation - safely arrived in New Zealand, September 6, 2004!

After Arrival in New Zealand - October 2004
at Barry Leitch's shop:

Leitch Motorsport and Restoration Ltd.
44 McIvor Road, R.D.6
Invercargill, New Zealand

Initial Photos - Great work from Barry and his crew!

168-NZ001.jpg (69237 bytes)

Repaired and polished brake drum

168-NZ002.jpg (73784 bytes)

Paul Bryan is checking the fit of a newly made over-rider

168-NZ003.jpg (69736 bytes)

New panels in the cockpit

168-NZ004.jpg (65493 bytes)

Driver's side front wheel well

168-NZ005.jpg (77190 bytes)

New firewall and spare tire mounting

168-NZ006.jpg (81836 bytes)

Spare tire, correctly mounted

168-NZ007.jpg (62259 bytes)

Newly paneled (and large!) trunk

168-NZ008.jpg (76984 bytes)

Brake drum with new center section

Progress, November 18, 2004

168-1104a.jpg (88351 bytes)

With new rocker panels, waiting for front suspension

168-1104b.jpg (107490 bytes)

Trial fit of engine; arrived this week

168-1104c.jpg (100952 bytes)

Trial fit of windshield frame

168-1104d.jpg (79954 bytes)

New frame is formed from aluminum

More, on November 29, 2004

168-1104e.jpg (146582 bytes)

With headlight and windshield, ready to go on "all fours" again

168-1104f.jpg (106211 bytes)

Windshield details. Note top frame and side curtain

December 13, all body work done!

168-1213a.jpg (117886 bytes)

Completed, before painting

168-1213b.jpg (158699 bytes)

Off to the paint shop

168-1213c.jpg (160554 bytes)


168-1213d.jpg (165482 bytes)

Next stop - Howard Kingsford-Smith's shop

168-1213e.jpg (139177 bytes)

Steering details

168-0106c.jpg (157265 bytes)

Camshaft on the bench - January 2005

168-0106b.jpg (127539 bytes)

Fan, distributor shaft, other parts on the bench - January 2005

168-0106a.jpg (155956 bytes)

The carbs on the bench - January 2005

Back from the paint shop, January 22, 2005
168-0105a.jpg (119722 bytes)

Before buffing, but looks great!

168-0105b.jpg (117269 bytes)

Waiting for gauges

Off to Upholstery
168-0105d.jpg (140033 bytes)

Regan Carter and Paul Bryan - and the car, with top frame and partial side-curtains.

168-0105e.jpg (130048 bytes)

From Barry: "The 3 guys behind the car are some of the ones who have been working on it. From the left are Greg Hunter, Paul Bryan and Regan Carter."

Back from Upholstery, February 7, 2005

168-0207a.jpg (389567 bytes)

Barry and Marguerite - and the car!  Can you spot the new wheel?

168-0207b.jpg (105124 bytes)

The trim on the grab handle is the seat color.

168-0207c.jpg (368659 bytes)

Large and nicely finished trunk, but large enough?

168-0207d.jpg (283898 bytes)

Greg Hunter, assembling the engine

168-0207e.jpg (230893 bytes)

Engine, with crankshaft lower left.

168-0207f.jpg (125369 bytes)

"Hot" is the exhaust side. It's a hemi!

168-0208a.jpg (187338 bytes)

Glen Burden installing the new door panels

168-0207g.jpg (155927 bytes)

A very useful and good-looking top!

168-0208b.jpg (193611 bytes)

Greg with Frazer Nash owner John Dymond.